The making of The Winged Horse

Al Buraq (literally meaning ‘lightening’) was the winged horse used by the Prophet Mohammed to fly from Makkah to Jerusalem on the night journey to Heaven.

“Al- Buraq, a white animal, smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey” (  vol 4 book 54 hadith 429)

I decided to make a soft toy of a winged horse for all the boys out there who have sisters playing with girls dolls  (although Aisha played with a winged horse- see details on the item winged horse)!  This way they also have something to play with of their own that is more for a boy.  I took the base design from Tanin the Dragon and then adapted it to look like a winged horse.  Inshallah you will be happy with the end result.


He is available in black with grey mane, all black, white with black mane and beige with brown mane for the time being.  If you have a preferred colour you want to discuss please contact us via the contact page or Baraka Allahu Feek


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