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Berny dates are one of the few dates mentioned by The Prophet Mohammad صلى الله   عليه وسلم.

He said “the best of your dates are Berny dates, they take out disease and there is no disease in them.” (Saheeha 41459/461)

These dates are from Madinah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and are from this years harvest.  They have a dry toffee like texture and are not overly sweet.

Each bag is 1kg.

Following excerpts are taken from Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by imam ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah p118

In the Sahihayn it is narrated that Abdullah bin Ja’far said, “I saw the Messenger of Allaah eat ripe dates with cucumbers.”  Ripe dates are hot in the second degree, increase sexual desire and add strength to the cold stomach.  However, ripe dates rot quickly, induce thirst, harm the teeth, spoil the blood and cause headaches, various clogs and pain in the prostrate.  Cucumbers are cold and wet in the second degree and they prevent thirst, have a refreshing aroma and cool the stomach.

Combining the foods or medicines with their antidotes or opposites makes the product milder and rids it of any harmful side effects.  consequently, the body will preserve its health, strength and wellbeing.

In short neutralising the effect of the hot substance with the cold, the cold with the hot, the dry with the wet and the wet with the dry produces a milder substance that is considered among the best remedies and preventative measures.


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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions30 x 20 cm


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