Winged Horse


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This hand knitted winged horse is approximately 12″ tall from feet to tip of the horn.

Made using soft acrylic wool which is machine washable.  However for longevity it is recommended that you sponge clean it as excessive machine washing will shrink the toy filling which is made using polyester stuffing.  should you need to machine wash the item wash on the lowest setting possible.  Dry naturally.


Abu Dawud, and Al-Nasa’y related another narration on the authority of `Aishah who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) returned from the Battle of Tabuk or Khaybar… And he mentioned the Hadith of tearing up the curtain which `Aishah had hung at her door. She said, “The side of the curtain which was over dolls of `Aishah was uncovered. He (peace be upon him) asked: What is this, O `Aishah? She answered: My dolls. She, then, said: He saw amongst them a two-winged horse tied up. He asked about it and she replied: A horse having two wings. Did not you hear that Sulayman had horses with wings? Upon this, he laughed.” Abu Dawud Book of Manners no 4932

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