‘Aaminah’ Rag Doll


17″ tall
Doll comes with a long dress

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Product Description

Made from 100% pure cotton Aaminah comes in three different skin tones.  Hair can have streaks in it of another colour for example to match the dress, so please contact me via the contact page or info@tiflcreations.com to discuss further.

Dress colours are the base colours and will most likely come with printed designs on them.  Please refer to the accessories section for additional dresses, outfits etc.

17″ tall approx.

£20 comes with one dress on the doll. additional dresses are available under accessories.

Additional accessories are available at a small extra cost
Hand knitted cardigan £5
Two piece outfit £5
Niqaab/Khimaar/skirt set £6
Extra long dress £3
Extra trousers £2


The advice of Sheikh Al-albani is that dolls are not for boys to play with.  Please see this link below barakallahu feekum.  His statement specific to the impermissibility is towards the end of the article, however the article itself is knowledge and i would encourage you to read it all.

Guidelines on Children’s Clothes with Pictures and on Dolls – Sheikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee (may Allah have mercy on him)

this is the extract from the above article:-

So, it is imperative that we remember something here, and it is that the toys (i.e. dolls) which are allowed to be used for the small children… rather I say for girls only and not for the males from the children, that there is not out there any proof for the permissibility (of these toys/dolls) except the hadeeth of ‘Aaishah (may Allah be pleased with her) which says that she used to send for the daughters from the daughters of her neighbours to come to her and she would play with them with girls’ toys and the Messenger (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi wa sallam) would help her in that and consent to her (doing that) and he would not rebuke her. Rather, indeed he (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa ‘ala aalihi wa sallam) [entered upon her] one time and saw amongst her toys a horse with two wings. So he (‘alaihi salaam) said to ‘Aaishah, playing about with her: ‘A horse which has two wings?!’ She said: ‘O’ Messenger of Allah, have you not heard’ or ‘has it not reached you that the horse of Sulaymaan (‘alaihi salaam) had wings?’ and he (‘alaihi salaatu wa salaam) laughed and he affirmed her in that. This hadeeth is the proof which makes it possible for us to rely upon it in allowing girl’s toys (i.e. dolls) with images and sculptured forms.

Additional Information

Weight0.500 kg
Hair Color

Brown, Black

Skin Color

Tan, White, Brown

Base Dress Colour

Black, White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue


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