بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته


Tifl creations was born  in 2012 when I took over the Arabic Play mat design from my niece and sister.

Then an idea was given to me by a sister who wanted to sell faceless dolls and she asked me if I could make them.

I was into my crafts at the time, making Arabic play mats, hand knitted garments and soft toys but it took me a while to decide if I was going to make them.

Then I was approached by another sister again asking me to make a faceless doll for her daughter.

So in 2013 I designed a rag doll first and which has been a great seller for me.  She’s called ‘Aaminah’ and she’s 17″ tall.  She’s very special to me because she’s my first born! She’s travelled far and wide from Europe to America and she can be made in three different skin tones to reflect some of the different skin tones Allaah created. Hair and skin are up to you. These bespoke dolls make it that little bit extra special.

I’ve also designed and created smaller hand knitted dolls which again are available in three skin tones and a wide variety of colours for dresses and hair. There is a variety of different designs in this range from ‘Polly’ who is a 10″ doll with beanie and bag accessories to ‘Aasiyah’ a smaller 9″ doll with full head of hair, and accessories that are removable making play more fun.  ‘Nadeemah’ (meaning companion or friend) is our Hijaabi doll range and again comes in three different skin tones with a choice of dress colours depending on what is available at the time of purchase.

Lastly I do make a male doll in both the rag doll (Hamzah) and hand knitted (Mustafa) version, but I feel that I must also mention the advise of Sheikh Al-Albani who states that dolls are for girls to play with not boys as it’s reference goes back to the hadeeth of our mother Aisha who played with faceless dolls. Here is the link for the full article here and the mention of this specific restriction is near to the end, although the whole article is one of knowledge for us ان شاء الله


Take a look at the soft toy section for something for the boys there inshallaah there will be something you like.

Aside from the dolls and toys I do take commissions of most hand knitted items but do contact me to get further details about this.  If you have a pattern that you want making also I can look into that for you.

I’ve also incorporated my Sunnah Foods business with Tifl Creations, for ease. You can purchase Madinah Ajwa and Berny dates which I stock regularly and at times other dates all from Madinah.

I have a regular stock of zam zam from Makkah which can be collected locally. For delivery further afield there is a minimum purchase and a delivery charge but if this doesn’t suit you maybe you can share the costs amongst friends and family.

Additionally there’s a supply of Himalayan pink salt available, which I highly recommend you try out as there’s no anti caking agent in it and it’s pure and full of over 80 minerals that match and aid our bodies. It’s an all round salt suitable for consumption as well as for use in our everyday lives.

Lastly I endeavour to keep on evolving and designing new dolls so do keep popping back to the site to see any updates.

JazakiAllahukhairan for you interest and support and please share with friends and family